EnGuard™ – GlassFree Insulation Technology

The proper installation of EnGuard Insulation is a crucial step in realizing superior energy efficiency. EnGuard’s GlassFree technology makes installation simple and effective for both professional contractors and the “do-it-yourselfer”. EnGuard’s innovative design features allow compliance with the industry’s leading standards to eliminate voids, gaps and compression. The precut friction fit design allows for uniform stud-to-stud installation. The blanket-like, nonirritating feel of EnGuard provides ease of handling making the product simple to cut for proper fit around obstructions such as electric receptacles and in-wall plumbing. The fiber architecture and resilience reduces compression with the ability to quickly recover to engineered thickness.

EnGuard recommends following industry best practices, and consulting local building and energy codes. The Department of Energy recommends a comprehensive approach incorporating proper air sealing, moisture control and ventilation techniques to complement the insulation effort.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Open plastic with standard knife or blade tool. The product is packed under compression, keep in mind that the thickness will recover once opened. To achieve the peak R value, it is recommended the insulation be shaken out briefly to allow for maximum thickness recovery.
  2. Install the insulation panels between studs. In most cases the product will friction fit. Use a knife or blade tool to cut and fit tightly around obstructions such as cables or pipe.
  3. Install vapor barriers per code and DOE recommendations. For more information visit www.eere.energy.gov. Cover the insulated framing with gypsum, drywall, or other approved finishing wall material.

* Keep insulation at least 3 inches away from non IC (Insulation Contact) rated light fixtures. Only IC rated recessed lights can be covered with insulation. Keep insulation away from exhaust flues of furnaces, water heaters, space heaters, chimney flues or other heat or combustion producing devices.

  • No respiratory or skin irritation issues – no protective gear needed
  • No dusting
  • Friction-fit installation
  • Easy to cut/tear
  • Easy to split around electrical wires and conduit, pipes, etc.
  • Superior compression/recovery
  • 100% recyclable on job site

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A Sustainable Story

A Sustainable Story

EnGuard is a sustaible solution created from recycled plastic bottles.

Why do we practice sustainable manufacturing, using recycled plastic bottles and other pre-consumer recycled content?

We can count the reasons with some simple math. First, we can save twice as much energy by recycling plastic versus incinerating it. Recycling 1 ton of plastic bottles saves 1.5 tons of C02/year – that’s a 150% positive return. Since it takes 700 years for plastic to begin composting, recycling it makes even more sense. And did you know that Americans use 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour?

Worldwide, over 4.50 million tons of PET is recycled annually. Recycling PET plastic and repurposing into products like EnGuard insulation is a crucial step to address many of the environmental challenges we currently face, like The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Those are big numbers, and big reasons for our manufacturing practices. EnGuard contains no VOCs, formaldehyde or harmful chemicals, and it requires low embodied energy to produce. Overall, EnGuard is manufactured using recycled plastic bottles and other pre-consumer recycled polyester content, and 50% of our materials are sourced within 500 miles of select operational sites. Additionally, EnGuard waste materials can easily be recycled from the job site. When you choose EnGuard insulation products, you’re making a green choice for your project while supporting sustainable manufacturing. Sustainability is one more reason why EnGuard is the smart choice.

Green Manufacturing

  • Manufactured using recycled plastic bottles and other pre-consumer recycled polyester content
  • 50% of EnGuard Insulation material is sourced within 500 miles of select Vita operational sites
  • Contains no VOCs, formaldehyde, or any harmful chemicals
  • Requires low embodied energy to produce – from supply chain through consumer
  • EnGuard waste materials can easily be recycled from the job site.

Tyres & Mag Wheels

Your car is not just a means for you to get around from one place to another but is also a reason why you can have fun in tours and vacations. It is always important to keep your vehicle in good shape so that you can have a great ride. Moreover, a well-maintained vehicle will save you money in the long run, in terms of maintenance and replacement of its interior and exterior parts. Also, a well-maintained car ensures that you have a safe one to drive in most conditions.

Yes, you can pimp up your car and make it look better but you should also make sure that it has excellent safety features that you can count on during times of emergency. Shock Absorbers are very important components in any vehicle. If yours doesn’t have excellent shock absorbers, then you should have those replaced as soon as possible. Remember, accidents can happen to anybody, anytime, anywhere!

During an emergency, if you have at least 1 shock absorber, it is possible for you to continue driving the vehicle for some 2.6 meters to stop at a safer part of the road. That could help you get out of harm’s way – a huge difference between a major, full-blown collision and a safer stop!

Better-Looking, Safer Car

When in need of high quality shock absorbers and Tyres in Auckland, trust the experts who have been in the service for more than 25 years. The team members who will work on your car have extensive experience in the field and could help ensure that you have a better-looking, safer car after the job is finished.

The company even offers free shock tests to check on the condition of your shocks. Yes, that is totally free and you are under no obligation to buy from them, of course. Still, the company does offer an extensive stock of various tyres, shock absorbers, and other vehicle parts to meet your needs, no matter what car you are driving.

Should you want to install the parts yourself, you are really free to do so! You will be provided with the parts you need and could also seek advice from the staff before installation.

Inside the shop, there are fully fitted bays with hoists to ensure that work on your vehicle will be much faster and safer, bringing you a better value for your money. The company also offers a range of other services to suit your needs, including race set ups, towing, and vehicle lowering.

We Met at Online Dating Site

My hubby and I met on a terrific dating website where men and women can easily publish their photos and personal ads. Over a hundred thousand couples have successfully met and found true love through the service. Thousands of friendly men and women from all races, backgrounds, countries and cultures are actively searching for someone special online.

Most online dating sites are not mail order bride services. Most of them just want to provide a safe platform for people from all walks of life to place their personal ads and meet for fun, friendship and romance. The dating website where my hubby and I met provides members with an opportunity to connect online by email, chat and instant messaging so they can get to know one another without risking their privacy or exposing confidential information.

Secret to Finding my Soul Mate

I had prayed that I wanted to meet a tall engineer from the US who was older and much less likely to stray after other younger women. Most important though was that he must be a strongly committed Christian. This engineer from Minnesota fit my profile perfectly but I was too shy to contact him and never really thought that he would contact me. The next day, I checked my emails and got a message from that very same guy. I couldn’t believe it!

The dating site we were on had search parameters which included age, religion, education and profession. It was when that he specified that he wanted to receive all profiles of any new engineers that we met. It was only a day later that he received my profile and decided to respond. Though I was younger and shorter (I’m 4′10 and he’s 6′4) than the parameters which he had previously listed, he decided to broaden his search when looking for someone with an engineering background or experience. Somehow, miraculously, through the tightest of time frames and broadest of choices we had somehow found each other.

On Demand?

After replying to his email, I immediately got kicked off from the site because I gave him my personal contact information which was against their rules. Fortunately, I already had his direct email address and he had mine. He sent me money the very first week. I was surprised and I didn’t know why and what for. My mother even commented that he might be a drug dealer or some sort of criminal. He said that it was for my internet expenses. On the first Sunday, only seven days after our first communications, I went to church. I began to pray and soon became convinced that he was the one for me. I don’t know why but I felt at ease with him and trusted him from the beginning.

To make a long and strange story short, we got married only three months after our first communications. We have been married for more than eight years now and will be celebrating our ninth anniversary in the next couple of months. We are currently living here in the US. By the way, my two younger sisters also met their husbands on an online dating site.

An Exciting Game of Bingo on Your Gadgets

Every day, new apps are being developed and offered for users to enjoy. There are those that are very popular yet short-lived while there are also those that are not too popular but live on for months, even years in people’s gadgets. Of course, there is a much better category: the popular ones that people enjoy for years! Now, that is where Bingo Bash belongs to.

What is Bingo Bash?

Classic bingo just got a major revamp with Bingo Bash, currently the #1 favorite bingo game across the web, with millions of daily users and satisfied players who have been enjoying the game for months or even years!

The game has innovated classic bingo, adding special features such as a wide range of gems, collections and lots of freebies! There are also lots of power-ups to make it more exciting.

Featuring the most variety of playing rooms, you will find a lot of fun activities to enjoy while you play. For instance, you can pick a slow game while enjoying the beach scene or challenge yourself to a fast one in the speed room while keeping up pace with a blitz of bingo balls in the 30-ball speed bingo. Other exciting game rooms include the Taj Mahal room, Lucky Leprechaun, Draw 5 which is based on a Texas Hold’em theme, LetterMania, blackout and the regular 75-ball.

Also, just in time for Valentine’s Day, they are offering the Valentine’s Room.

As an added feature, you can even play at your own pace and be on your own or join a fast-paced real time and live multi-player game. It is also possible for you to chat with friends while enjoying the game. You could help each other develop your strategies while playing so you could win more.

Moreover, players are awarded with a new patented game every season. For instance, you get to enjoy Solitairingo, the fun-filled mash-up of Solitaire and Bingo.

Plus, players actually get to win real Amazon gift cards in the Bingo Bash sweepstakes!

Bingo Bash Achievements

If you still haven’t tried Bingo Bash, then it’s time to download the app now. This exciting game only takes up 56.8 MB of memory from your gadget. What is great about this amazing game is that it can be downloaded on any platform and gadget – whether it is a smartphone, Amazon tablets, kindle, various tablets and phones running on Android, iPhone, iPad and even on personal computers as long as you have Facebook.

Did you know that millions of players are enjoying Bingo Bash daily? That easily makes this the #1 Bingo game in the world! Moreover, you get to download the game and play for free – now, isn’t that amazing?

Kids and adults love this game so much that it has also become every mom’s best friend.

With more than 341 in-game levels, this is, by far, the most advanced bingo game ever created. That could be the reason why the same players have been entertained for years on end and the app has been considered among the top 10 apps across various categories.

Bingo Bash has consistently been among the Top 40 grossing on Facebook, Top 10 grossing on Android, Top 10 grossing on iPhone, and amazingly Top 3 grossing on iPad! These information should be enough to make you grab your gadget and download this free app now!

Premium Quality Canvas Printing

There are plenty of ways to improve your home, from minute details like adding crown moldings to large-scale projects such as setting up a new loft or adding a spa bath in the master’s bedroom. Another way to improve and brighten up your home is to display your prized family photos as large artwork canvas for everyone to admire.

Check out the services offered by Photo 4 Canvas and you’ll be amazed how your treasured pictures can become stunning works of art, worthy of a spot in your living room and other common areas.

Collection of Snapshots

The bedrooms can also look more personalized and homey when you add those stunning photos. At the end of a busy day, you can even find relaxation while admiring those photos on your walls. Also, if the kids have been especially naughty and perplexing throughout the day, their charming photos might just melt your heart and remind you how they were such little angels when they were smaller.

Travel memories also make a great piece of art to hang on your walls. Should you want to enjoy more vacations to add to your growing collection of snapshots and wall art, you can rent a vehicle from Snap Car Rentals. Spend hours or days of fun exploring the wonderful tourist spots in New Zealand, not forgetting that you are also on a mission to capture that perfect moment on camera to transform into artwork for your home.

Delight in the added convenience of having drivers to man the vehicle so that all you’ll have to do is to sit back and relax while admiring the rolling landscapes of New Zealand. You’ll even find great value for your money when you rent a car. You don’t even have to feel stressed about rental car collection because the rental company also offers easy pick up options.

Mortgage Term

Decorating your home and going out on exciting vacations can be more fun if you don’t have to worry about the state of your own home. With Viventium Home Loans, you can take out loans that would cover the cost of your home but won’t leave you totally broke. In fact, it is possible for you to reduce the term of your mortgage by half, giving you peace of mind while you have fun at the attractions in New Zealand.

Repayment terms are also quite easy so you’ll never have to worry about anything. Go out and enjoy this stunning country before relaxing in the comforts of your beautiful home.

Action Required for Domain Activation

I have quite a few blogs. In order for me to keep track of their renewal dates, I make sure that I take inventory of my domains regularly. I usually do it on a monthly basis. From there, I determine which domains are worth renewing for another year and which ones are not. Not all of my blogs are making money. Early next month I have two blogs that need to be renewed but I will only be renewing one of them. The other domain which currently has a Google PR 0 is not worth investing more money. I will drop that domain and start thinking about investing money in another domain name.

I bought most of my domain names from Name.com and GoDaddy. I usually get a discount from GoDaddy but haven’t got any discount yet from Name.com. That is something that I seriously need to think about when purchasing new domain names. Since I have a lot of blogs, getting a discount when renewing domain names can save me a lot of money on an annual basis. I don’t set my domain renewals on auto-renew, I prefer to renew them manually.

Discount Domain Club

GoDaddy has a Discount Domain Club program. Anyone who is a member of this club can enjoy savings on domain names and many other related services. You can save up to 63% when you renew, purchase or transfer domain names. You don’t have to wait for the next domain sale or email for the discount code. The Discount Domain Club program also comes with a free CashParking Premium feature. With this feature, you are able to make money from your unused domains. You don’t have to lift a finger to make money from them, GoDaddy will take care of it. They place relevant ads on your parked domains and give you 80% of the revenue they generate.

The Discount Domain Club includes FREE membership to GoDaddy Auctions and the discounted domain buy service. All these features from Discount Domain Club is only $7.50 a month. That is something that I need to think about if I am planning to buy hundreds of domains in the future. I can’t believe that I will even consider it but we will see. If I decide to do that, I will probably be watching my domains and their renewals like a hawk watches its prey.

A few weeks ago, I received an email from GoDaddy with the subject line: “action required for domain activation”. I was very suspicious and did not even open it. I thought it might be a reminder of the recent domain that I purchased. When I logged on to my GoDaddy account and saw “pending whois verification” status on some of my blogs. That got me confused and I was about to call the customer support. Instead, before I did anything on my dashboard, I Googled it and found out that I really needed to verify my email address or I could risk losing my domains and other services associated with them. That would have been very costly.

Changing Pending Whois Verification to Active

Here’s what I did:

* Login to GoDaddy Account and click Visit My Account.
* Under Products, go to Domains and click Manage Now.
* Locate the domain(s) with the status “Pending Whois Verification” and click the domain name link.
* Under the Settings tab find Domain Settings, then find Nameservers and click the Manage link. The Nameservers Settings modal will appear and you should see a bright orange box with the following text and a red Resend button
* If the email address listed in the text is correct, click the Resend button.
* Once the Resend button has been clicked, you should receive a verification email.
* Once the verification email arrives in your inbox, click the verification email and the “Pending Whois Verification” status should changed to Active within a few minutes after clicking the verification email link.

If you think that email that you recently received from GoDaddy with subject line:  ”action required for domain activation” was phishing, you should think again because if you don’t verify and validate your contact information, you are at risk of losing your domain name and the other services that go with it.

The Importance of Rice for Someone Like Me

My meal wouldn’t be complete without rice. That’s the way we ate when I grew up in the Philippines. Even though I have been living here in America for more than six years now, I still eat rice almost every meal. Rice is very important in the Filipino culture.

Variety of Rice

There are many different varieties of rice there in the Philippines. Many were pioneered or bred by the Philippine Rice Institute. When you go to a supermarket or wet-market you will find dozens of different types of rice for sale at greatly varying prices. Rice is also the main ingredient in desserts like suman or rice cake. It is soaked, milled, mixed with coconut milk and sugar and then wrapped in banana leaves and steamed.

The first time I got here to the US, my hubby bought me long-grained rice but I did not like it much. I found that long grained rice to be tasteless. I like the medium grained rice better. Jasmine rice in particular is my favorite. It is medium grained and its texture is similar to my father’s homegrown rice.

Cooking Style

Rice can be boiled, fried, stewed and steamed. Rice as it is grown in the Philippines is a very labor intensive crop. The seeds must be sprouted and then planted by hand. Periodically, you need to weed before harvesting. The rice is ready to be harvested when the husk turns yellow. After the rice is harvested, chaff is shaken away. It is then dried, hulled and polished before it is ready to eat.

My father usually sticks to the same variety, especially if he gets a good harvest from it. Sometimes he will experiment with different strains in a small corner of the rice paddy. I still vividly remember how tiring a full day of weeding the paddies was. That experience motivated me to study hard so that I wouldn’t have to do a lot of weeding all my life. As much as I disliked weeding, I still remember those days in the mud fondly.

Growing Rice

Rice harvests are nearly always dependent on water, whether through irrigation or rain. My father’s paddies were irrigated but the irrigation was often not good enough, especially during the drought season. He recently added an artesian well which has greatly increase his yield. Since my father’s paddies are near the lake, he gets two harvest per year. He could have three annual harvests if the nearby lake wouldn’t swell and flood the paddy during the rainy season. Unfortunately, it always floods so two harvests are the most he can ever get.

Like other farmers everywhere, rice farmers greatly depend on the mercy of the weather because despite the fact that rice is grown in water, too much water can also harm it. The large raindrops that come with the monsoon can easily crush newly sprouted rice shoots. After the roots take hold, the water needs to be drained so that the roots don’t rot.

Food & Cooking Experience

The eggs in the trays have different shell colors. Do you know why? Because we did not buy them from the store. We bought them from our friends who raise their own chickens and they have many different breeds. These eggs are fresh from their farm.

My husband and I are big consumers of eggs. We make omelet and I sometimes mix them in noodles. They are yummy.

A Birthday Treat

I was celebrating my 27th birthday yesterday and below is the picture of the food that I took that my hubby and I were going to eat. My hubby treated me in the Chinese restaurant, one of my all time favorite place for dinner because of their crabs and the juicy chicken wings and so much more. For me every dishes they serve is perfectly fit to my taste.

Before we went to the Chinese restaurant, I starved myself for almost two days. Actually I did not do it on purpose, it’s just happened that I’m on diet and so as my hubby. Such a good timing that we had a dinner in that place because they have a buffet and we both pigged out.

Roasting Beef

I asked my sister in Germany this morning if she had called our folks in the Philippines. She said that they were roasting a whole beef at the time she called them. When she told me about that, I started drooling and couldn’t help myself but to look for the pictures that I saved from a few months ago. This picture was taken during my nephew’s Christening.

It is already the 24th of December there in the Philippines. They roasted one whole beef because it is also my father’s birthday. I told my mother about my cravings for roasted beef. She said that next time when we take a vacation there, we will have a roasted beef. My hubby really want to try eating a crispy pork skin. Aside from roasted beef, I also want my hubby to try some goat recipes.

Do You Need a Personal Shopper?

With so many new stores popping up across the country or even on the web, customers are bombarded with so many choices that shopping can become quite confusing and time consuming. Often, there are so many variations of a product that you end up spending hours just trying to decide which one you want. Having a lot of choices can be a great thing but it can also be frustrating at the same time. When it comes to on-line shopping, there is a new option for you.

There are now companies such as JFAGlobal who can be your personal shopper. All you have to do is tell them what you want and provide them with the specifications you require. They can do all of the comparisons and shopping for you, making it a fast and easy transaction on your end. Those who live outside the US often find it hard to shop for the items they want and have them delivered to their own countries. Many of these US stores have limited delivery areas across their own continent only.

Fast Transactions and Quick Turnaround Times

That’s where mail forwarding comes in handy. Customers from all over the world can now shop at sites that don’t offer international delivery because JFAGlobal can forward these items right to the customer’s own doorstep with less worries and less hassle. The JFAGlobal company has served many customers from far-flung countries such as Mexico, Canada, Australia, Russia, Germany, France, Poland, Hungary, Japan, China, and many more. This ensures that customers can enjoy these fantastic goods from American stores without worrying about how to get them where they are wanted.

As an added bonus, the company also has a friendly, efficient team who handles the purchases, with fast transactions and quick turnaround times. Feel free to check out @jfaglobal to know more about this excellent service.