Online Free Slots

When I was a kid in the Philippines, I never got to play any card games or board games because my father was a preacher and he thought that those kinds of things would lead to gambling and worse. Gambling is a big problem in the Philippines for young men, especially when most don’t have much money to support their families anyway. I, personally, never found gambling very interesting until I got here to the US and saw the big fancy casinos. My hubby and I went to have dinner at a restaurant in one of them once but we did not play any of the games. I was tempted to play some of the games but don’t know much about them so I probably would not do very well. I would probably just lose a lot of money before I figured out how to do it. My hubby says that if I am interested I should probably start out with simple games like Bingo or Slots and then work up from there. Slotozilla offers free online slots to anyone who wants to try them out. I guess I will give Slotozilla slots a try and see how I do.

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Trying to Win the Cash Jackpot

Maybe then I could start playing with real money to try to win the cash jackpot. That sounds like a lot of fun, especially if I could actually win. There are other online games that are also available where you can win cash and prizes but those seem to be a lot more complicated than Bingo. Bingo is fun and easy and not very complicated like poker or some of the other games that require figuring out strategies or probabilities. Slots are OK but I think the growing excitement of closing in on a winning Bingo card would probably be a lot more fun.

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Optimize Your Marketing Performance

These days, it is not enough to merely advertise your company/business and the wares or services it offers to clients. There simply are too many competitors for business owners to just relax and let their products do the talking. No. It is very important to make the company known to others, to new clients. In fact, even top companies spend a huge amount of money in advertising and other marketing solutions.

telemarketing listsList Giant is one of the best options available in the market for those looking for a way to increase their client base. This innovative company can offer businesses various forms of mailing lists that cater to their needs.

Fresh Telemarketing Lists

Remember, plenty of people change their addresses each year, with data in the US showing that as many as 40 Million consumers do that on a yearly basis! It is important for businesses to keep their mailing lists updated so as to reach their target customers. List Giant keeps its databases updated with the most recent NCOA (National Change of Address) information provided by the USPS.

Just like addresses, customer contact numbers can change real fast. When trying to market your products, you will simply waste much time if your telemarketers keep on calling old numbers. By keeping its telemarketing lists fresh, List Giant is able to provide you with the right contacts to reach your target market.

Considering that there are many different email hosts and users can make as many email addresses as they want, it could be difficult to keep up with your customer base. At List Giant, not only are you provided with fresh, updated email address but you also receive lists that are targeted based on the specific geography you need to reach.

The company also offers sales leads for you to best reach your target market.

Customers of List Giant have direct 24/7 access to mailing lists, allowing them to meet their deadlines at all times.

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Yellow Pages

 photo ID-100172567_zpsa34ee4f4.jpgYellow Pages Online is a handy tool to find business listings, phone numbers, addresses, maps, driving directions and more. Neither my hubby nor I use it very often because we usually have the numbers and addresses of businesses and people that we need to contact.

Occasionally, when we don’t have the information we need the online yellow pages comes in really handy. Since the advent of the internet it is now easier than ever to find the information you are looking for. The free online business directory is quick and much more convenient than having to save a bunch of old and outdated paper directories. With just a few clicks on your mouse you can quickly find what you are looking for.

Up until recently I thought that you could only find yellow pages in a hard bound telephone directory. I did not know that there was an online version of it. Have you tried using it before? Tell me what your experience has been.

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Sell Your Broken iPhone, iPad, or iPod

Over the winter, things were pretty hectic. As the heating bills went up, so did my blood pressure. But, I lost money because there were so many snow days. On top of everything else, when I was out shoveling snow one day, I dropped my iPhone and didn’t realize it. When I finished shoveling and realized my iPhone was gone, I went on a search and found it buried in a drift.

After contacting Apple and learning that my warranty was void because the phone had gotten wet, I looked for other options. That’s when I found the blog. It instructed me to find the indicator that would tell me whether the internal area of the phone had gotten wet—and it had. Then I went to and learned how you can sell your phone even if it’s broken. I looked my iPhone up, used the envelope they sent me, agreed to their terms, and got cash for my phone within 24 hours.

Next winter I hope for less snow, but I can tell you I won’t be shoveling with my iPhone in my pocket at any rate. On the positive side, at least now I know where I can sell my phone even if it is broken.

Live a Greener Lifestyle

I am trying to live a greener lifestyle. I know for some that means parting ways with electronics, but for me it means using them more efficiently. Sadly, using my iPhone for just about everything also means I am not as careful as I should be with it, which is how it got broke. I cracked (okay, shattered is probably a better word) the screen and even after I got a new screen, it just didn’t work right.

I did a search to see what I could do with it. I was thinking some kind of Pinterest project I could totally screw up or something, but ended up on the blog. I didn’t even know you could sell your iPhone if it was broken! That’s way better than a Pinterest fail or another addition to the landfills, so I went to I got way more for my iPhone than I thought I would and I didn’t even have to pay the postage to send it in!

Yes, I will be more careful with my new iPhone, but at least now I know you can get a decent price for a broken iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

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Retirement Golf Community in Fort Myers

Old Corkscrew

I still have many years to go before retirement age but I have already started thinking about my future concerning long term care services and where I want to settle down after retirement. My hubby and I have been talking about our retirement plans and we still have not come up with a final decision yet even though my hubby is already semi retired. If you ask me now where I wanted to retire, I would say in my native land, the Philippines, because I don’t want to end up in a nursing home or away from my loved ones. At least there in the Philippines, even if I do not have any children, my grandnieces and grandnephews would still take care of me. My hubby, on the other hand, has not made up his mind yet because his family and children are here in the US and he would definitely miss them if we were to decide to move there.

One of the reasons I want to retire in the Philippines is because both my hubby and I don’t have long term care insurance. If the time should come that we would need to think about going to a nursing home, we would not be able to pay for it here. In the Philippines it is traditional for even the extended family to care for the elderly and only the very rich can afford nursing care. There is no insurance there that I am aware of that would cover that sort of thing.

Lifestyle and Amenities

Here, most long term care insurance policies will pay a tax free daily benefit once the physician provides certification that the insured requires care in a facility or at home. If we decide to stay here in the US we will definitely think about getting that kind of insurance and the community where we want to spend most of our retirement days.

This retirement golf community in Fort Myers, Florida sounds like an ideal location. It is tropical and I wwould definitely love it. Though at the moment, neither my hubby and I are into golfing but I would like to take it up in the future. There are many different lifestyles and amenities that the retirement golf community in Fort Myers has to offer. There are clubs, fitness centers and other golf courses in the area. Not to mention the river houses and lounges that I am sure are great for fishing enthusiasts like us to relax and be social.

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Waterfront Homes in Fort Lauderdale and Miami

Luxury Waterfront HomesEven as a kid, I have always wanted to live near the beach. My dream home had always been something that looks that a vacation home yet with fully functional amenities for use throughout the year. Large windows allow the cool breeze from the sea to flow in and out the house so that air conditioning units don’t always have to be used even on hot days.

Now that we own a fantastic piece of waterfront property, I realize that can truly become a reality if you work hard for it. Of course, a little push might be needed so you could get on the right track but the end result offers the best reward: the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.

Based on my experience, finding the perfect home is not as easy as I dreamed it would be when I was younger. Unlike in movies, you can’t just find that perfect home on your first day of searching for it. I even have to go through many listings before I found my wonderful little dream home from the Sothebys listings in Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

Homes Suit Your Fancy

My advice is for you to be patient if you want to find the perfect home, whether you are buying a retirement home, a vacation property, or a home for your growing family. Don’t just buy the first one that suits your fancy because you might find a better one just a little farther down the listings.

Spanish Trail

How is my home now? Well, I got everything I could ever hope for. The 3-bedroom home features a lovely loft with windows that look out to stunning views. There is also a balcony for more relaxation options after a long day at the beach. The balcony is the perfect place to hang out while chatting with my friends on the web or the hubby at the end of the day.

A waterfront home ensures that I get to enjoy the beach for as long as I want to, anytime I want to. For instance, I could always go out to enjoy swimming even in the middle of the night! The views are also fantastic plus the sound of the waves can easily lull me to sleep – no need to play some soothing music.

Plenty of exciting activities can also be enjoyed mere steps from where we live. It is easy to soak up the sun to achieve the perfect sun-kissed tan throughout the year. It also feels great to enjoy the activities offered at the beach.

I am truly thankful that we were able to buy a home close to the beach.

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Facial Cosmetic Surgery

To be beautiful is one promise we, ladies had grown with since a child. We had to admit that our desires to be one today is something attributable from the appreciations and predictions that we received when we are young then.

Pressured by the expectations we have for ourselves and the society, we are always in the run to achieve that fairness or beauty no matter what it takes.

Solutions to our Beauty Problems





Moreover, our hair is one great part of that becoming. It is regarded as our crowning glory and we really are super conscious about it. We are even very keen to the hair products we are using, to the styles, to the length and everything. Then how frustrating will it be if we will be losing it as in losing it strand by strand with idiopathic hair loss? That must really be very frustrating!

Also, our skin and body contour/figure does very important role of that becoming. That, it is even more frustrating to see our faces wrinkled and/or see our bellies out-pouching!

However, we should not let these problems consume us! Not now with the presence and help of technologically and scientifically advanced Hair Transplant New Jersey, Botox in South and liposuction in South Jersey. The three are instant and effective solutions for our beauty problems. With them, becoming beautiful, young, and sexy are prices we get from our hard works.

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