The Greener, the Merrier

In this supposedly hot season of the year, to be greener in our homes is not just an option but has become more of an obligation for us wherever we are in the globe. The last year has been a not so good year for the most part of the world and most especially not to my own country, the beloved Philippines with the record breaking typhoons and super typhoon. Indeed, dramatic effects of climate change had already been felt and it was as bad as we could ever imagine.


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Saving Energy, Saving Lives

Electricity is like the blood inside our veins and arteries. Without it, we are lifeless.

I am a registered nurse and to care for the patients, sick or well is my lifelong commitment. There in the hospital I worked, I met a number of patients. Some are of similar situations but each is unique as a person and that’s why holistic approach is always the key. Though I do not know them personally as to what and how they are outside the hospital but to care and to always respond to them and to their different needs are my responsibility.… Read the rest

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Yellow Pages

 photo ID-100172567_zpsa34ee4f4.jpgYellow Pages Online is a handy tool to find business listings, phone numbers, addresses, maps, driving directions and more. Neither my hubby nor I use it very often because we usually have the numbers and addresses of businesses and people that we need to contact.

Occasionally, when we don’t have the information we need the online yellow pages comes in really handy. Since the advent of the internet it is now easier than ever to find the information you are looking for. The free online business directory is quick and much more convenient than having to save a bunch of … Read the rest

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Things that I Worry About…

 photo ID-100206731_zps87ce88d7.jpgThere are quite a few things that I worry about if my husband and I move to the Philippines. This will be his first time to live outside of the US for an extended period of time. I am afraid he might get homesick if we move there permanently. That is why we are planning to stay there for only six months a year at first. I know the feeling of being homesick well.

I experienced my fair share of that in the first few months after I moved here to the US. It has been six years since I … Read the rest

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Gossip Here & There

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After living here in the US for more than four years now, I have found ways to keep updated through the advent of the internet with things going on back in the Philippines. Living half way around the world from your family and loved ones can be a really lonely and stressful experience. It helps me feel at home when it is easy for me to keep up with the latest and greatest gossip about my favorite stars and celebrities. Since we got connected with high speed internet, downloading videos and chatting with friends from … Read the rest

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Stop Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is a form of bullying that uses the internet to attack people anonymously. Unfortunately, the rate of cyber bullying has been rapidly increasing lately and most of the victims are children. I am an adult and have been a victim of cyber bullying and even though I try to ignore most of it, it can still hurt, much more so for innocent children. I am active on social networking sites and that’s where I got bullied. The bullying was not that bad but regardless, it was completely unjustified. I actually shed some tears as a result but I … Read the rest

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Is Circumnews a Scam?

In the past few months Circumnews became popular. There was a tremendous buzz about them and it was supposedly an easy money making opportunity. Supposedly, you get paid simply by reading the news. To become a member is free and as soon as you start reading news, you get paid $2 per article. Once you reach $350 you can cash out and get paid via Paypal or Payza. Very easy money, right? WRONG!

 photo circumnews2_zps81fcc5c0.jpg

I researched the company and found out that they are based outside of the United States yet on their website they want only people from the USA … Read the rest

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