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Online Backup For Your PC, Mac and Mobile

 photo pen_zpsu0cgoyh0.jpgWhen my hubby had an engineering business, he had to keep up with the greatest and latest update about computers. At some point in time, he even subscribed to a magazine that offers a wide range of powerful utility and security software designed for your PC to run smoothly and efficiently. My hubby is one of the million people who used software and backup system to protect his business computers against online threats. In short his computer is well protected, unlike mine. I work online but my computer doesn’t have any protection at all. Many times, my computer got infected … Read the rest

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How to Become an Aircraft Mechanic

Portable Power Supply Model 53050If you know something about fixing cars, perhaps you might want to consider moving up into the even more lucrative field of becoming an aircraft mechanic. You don’t have to be an auto mechanic to work in aviation, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. Yet, whatever your background, there is simply no avoiding the three primary ways required to enter the aircraft mechanic field.

Specialized Training

Don’t know what to do with a gas turbine start up? Don’t really know the first thing about avionics? The complex world of aircraft maintenance equipment requires specialized knowledge that can be obtained either … Read the rest

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7 Tips for Great PowerPoint Designs

Are you prepping a demonstration for the office? Are you looking for a better way to connect with your students? Here are just seven PowerPoint tips that will turn dull, boring slides into ones that "wow."


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How To Enhance Video With Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video editing software allows you to enhance the quality of a video by letting you apply automatic filters and also professional grade filters. The software enables you to correct minor blemishes on your video. Even if you don’t have any professional video editing skills, you’ll be able to enhance the quality of a video using this software by applying automatic filters. Automatic filters allow you to enhance different aspects of a video with a single click. Some automatic editing functions are mentioned below:


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VIPole Secure Instant Messenger

I definitely need a long distance international phone plan because I live almost eight thousand miles away from my family and friends.  Before I came here to the US, I used prepaid calling cards to call my fiance in the US and was worried that I would bankrupt him when I got here and started calling home to keep in touch with my family and friends.   He ran up four and five hundred dollar phone bills calling me in the first few months and that was scary to me because it seemed like a fortune.  Once he first arrived in the Philippines, he bought a computer for me so that we could go online and have live video chats for free.  After I got here, there was still a big problem communicating with my family in the village because they did not have internet access in the house and still don't.


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Conversion Kits for all Generators and Small Engines

 photo gen_zps88d04404.jpg The weather here in northern Minnesota will be getting cold soon. We will probably have to start heating our home in the next month or two. Though the winters here are very cold, the summers are great. During the winter season is when I want to spend most of my time in my native country, the Philippines, because sometimes the cold weather here is unbearable for someone like me who grew up in a tropical country. Unfortunately, I can't afford to fly back and forth between the US and Philippines every year.


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iPad Carrying Case

In the age of mobile gadgets, there is a demand for stylish and convenient accessories for tablet devices. These days, people seem to take their tablets everywhere. Surely, some protection is needed to prevent any damage to expensive tablets that can cost well above $500. First and foremost, a protective tablet case needs to be durable enough to withstand common damage such as scratches, abrasions, bumps and collisions. Having an impact resistant design is also very important in tablet covers. In fact, major damage to tablet devices occurs mostly when they are accidentally dropped from one’s lap or a desk.… Read the rest

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