Online Backup For Your PC, Mac and Mobile

 photo pen_zpsu0cgoyh0.jpgWhen my hubby had an engineering business, he had to keep up with the greatest and latest update about computers. At some point in time, he even subscribed to a magazine that offers a wide range of powerful utility and security software designed for your PC to run smoothly and efficiently. My hubby is one of the million people who used software and backup system to protect his business computers against online threats. In short his computer is well protected, unlike mine. I work online but my computer doesn’t have any protection at all. Many times, my computer got infected with viruses and I lost a lot of important files. I have heard about IDrive Online Backup but haven’t tried using it just yet. One of the many features they offer that got me attracted is that I can backup my PCs, Macs and mobile device files for only $5 a month. If you need an online backup system, you should check them out to see for yourself.