Technology-Driven Individuals

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It is unpleasant to our ears to hear someone telling you you’re worthless. For me, such is the word I will always curse.

In these days, life had been comforted with the convenience that technology had brought to us. Machines, equipment, and devices that range from minute sizes to gigantic ones characterized the huge relief that technology had contributed. In our workplaces, technology is also evident from all corners. However, it is inevitable to have critics of the today’s world and have a number of people resistant of these changes. I often heard lots of people regarding us, today’s generation as lazy and sedentary beings. They said that we are technology-driven individuals who hate manual works.

It may be true that our born-world is characterized by technology and developments but it is unfair to our part to be judged as worthless individuals thinking that it’s the technology which does the work for us and I strongly disagree with such condemnation!

Yes, it’s true that we find solace with technology’s benefits but it doesn’t necessarily made us worthless, work less may be but never worthless. The technology does not drive us but we drive them to work. We run them and it’s not them who run us. Also, it is right that a great part of what the world have achieved now is attributed to what you had regarded as we have worked less with the aid of technology.